Apparel Orb is a Hub for all apparel manufacturing related support and services and is a unique service provider in the field of 3D and Virtual Prototyping in the Apparel Industry as of now.

We are solely dedicated to serve the fast paced apparel industry with preeminent quality backend services at reasonable prices.

Our aim is to provide a unique quick response service for pattern making from prototype to final bulk patterns through its various stages of development. Clients can choose the stage they need our services whether that be first proto sample or fit stage or production grading, costing or bulk marker making etc.

 Pattern Making,Grading,Marking,Garment Sampling and Related Services for Apparel Industry, Fashion Industry, Leather Industry Fashion Designers, freelancers, Fashion Show, Men’s wear, Women wear, Kids wear,  Lingerie, Sportswear, Nightwear, Custom Apparels, Nursing Apparels, Medical Uniforms, School Uniforms , Bags, Accessories, Knits and Hosiery, GMT students, Dress Designing students, Clothing technology projects, Fabric / cost saving projects, Small-scale exporters, Buyers, Buying houses who need to control their overheads.

Apparel Orb services are built on a technologically driven platform of CAD Software’s and easy electronic communication which save time, costs and efforts. For example – a client can email us the sketch and specifications of product and patterns are developed with software enabled draping techniques, ready for sample cut and sew.

Pattern Making Service


Send us your fabric and trims along with your tech pack. We will do the rest. You can also use our virtual prototyping service to determine the fit and look of the garment.


Our organization focus on its core competency by offering strategic outsourcing of your key activities in the product development process like pattern making and sewing pattern drafting Services.


Get grading done from our highly technically sound staff, Get days of grading work done in hours. Avail best services for grading. Technical grading services, Fast Grading service.


Material cost accounts for 60-70% of the cost of the garment. Every inch saved reflects directly on your bottom line. You can use our auto nesting services for costing calculations as well as production markers.


At ApparelOrb we understand how critically important it is to successfully implement best practices in various department. Avail of our implementation services to accelerate speed to market using the latest CAD tools.


Have your paper patternssewing patterns captured digitally so that it can be sent to your factories electronically by email for production or sampling or you can even use it to archive all your existing styles, basic blocks or slopers so that it can be retrieved instantly.

Some of the Places where ApparelOrb can meet your needs are :-

If you have urgent deadlines and do not have the resources and capacity in your sampling room with your samplings/ new developments/ costing due to your regular staff being on leave.
There is a sudden rise/ inflow in samplings/ new orders that need to be submitted in tight time lines and you desire to maximize your scope of business without increasing overheads.
You are not able to meet the buyers target prices due to high-rise in fabric costs and competitive pricing and need innovative ways to reduce costs on fabrics.
Not capable of availing the latest technology on CAD and specialized machinery for sample manufacturing as per buyer demands due to limited capital resources.
You need CAD facilities for Buyers who demand it as a minimum technology and you cannot invest in capital resources.
New designers and start ups who want to launch their own brand – we take care of all your patterns and fits – help you easily translate a sketch to a actual garment pattern and develop the first prototype.
Fashion students who have collections to show can provide sketches and we offer hands on service to develop the pattern as you need in no time.
We help industrial engineers to tweak patterns ,fabric widths and plan bulk cutting by providing marker making facilities that are of very high standard and effectively reduce fabric costs.

Outsourcing to a Quality Vendor Helps to Concentrate on Your Core Areas :-

Traditionally, employees spend 80 percent of their time managing details and only 20 percent on strategy or value added functions. Once a process is successfully outsourced, the ratio can be reversed. Executives get more control over their most valuable resource: time:

Further, an outside provider’s cost structure and economy of scale can give your firm an important competitive advantage and major cost saving benefits.

Eliminate the need to find, hire, train and manager a qualified staff. Outsourcing permits an organization to redirect its resources, most often people resources, form non core activities toward activities which serve the customer. Employees whose energies are currently focused internally can now be focused externally on the customer.

Outsourcing with us, you get a reliable & Professional Service.